My three step effective morning skincare routine

When it comes to skincare and makeup i believe in the saying that ” less is more “. Also i feel layering on too much products can lessen the effectiveness of a particular product. So i try to keep my skincare  routine as simple as possible.

I have a normal skin type with an oily T-zone in the summers. But my biggest concern when it comes to my skin is that my face becomes really sweaty in the hot and humid climate of India. So whatever product i apply i try to keep it minimal or else my face starts sweating crazily if i apply anything heavy or too many layers.

So when i search for skincare products for my morning routine i make sure it is lightweight in texture and of gel consistency. Also a few months back i started getting breakouts which covered my two cheeks and my forehead. The acne has subdued to a great extent now with an occasional one or two breakouts in between. So i make sure the products that i use doesn’t clog my pores.

Following are the steps I follow :

1. Cleanser :


I just use water! I feel like washing my face twice a day with a cleanser dries out my skin over time. Sometimes if i wake up with a sweaty or slightly greasy face from previous night’s skincare routine i pour a little bit of the Garnier micellar water on a cotton pad and swipe across my face to get rid of the excess oil or dirt.

2. Moisturizer :


I follow up with the The Face shop jeju aloe vera gel. It is very lightweight and has a gel consistency. It is extremely soothing and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It is perfect for summers and especially for oily skin people.

3. Sunscreen :


This is the most important step in my skincare routine and should be yours too. Even if you are indoors or its cloudy outside, NEVER SKIP YOUR SUNSCREEN! Trust me if you start using sunscreen everyday you can see the difference it creates on your skin.

Currently i am using the Lotus Herbals matte sunscreen with spf 50 PA+++. It gives a soft matte finish and has a lightweight texture.

2 thoughts on “My three step effective morning skincare routine

  1. True! Too many products make my skin feel so weighed down! Love the micellar water step especially, I saw it mentioned in a skincare by hyairam (is that even the correct spelling?) And I was wondering if I should use it but now I will be sure to!😘


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